Spot: An AI bot that takes on workplace harassment

Feb 14, 2018, 7:25 AM EST
(Source: COMSEVENTHFLT/flickr)
(Source: COMSEVENTHFLT/flickr)

For the victims of workplace harassment and discrimination, reporting the incidents is no less a challenge. HR channels are often ignorant, indifferent or even retaliatory when an employee points finger at a colleague. A new AI-powered app, called Spot, can help tackle this.

Spot is a free AI-based chatbot that asks “right” questions to the victims, creates a summary of their account and forwards to the concerned authorities, eliminating all hurdles and biases that usually impede the process, writes

Spot involves evidence-based cognitive interviewing techniques and is immediately accessible to report harassment as opposed to HRs that might make one wait for hours or even days.