The next phase for AI is augmenting humans

Feb 14, 2018, 6:51 AM EST
(Source: ITU Pictures/flickr)
(Source: ITU Pictures/flickr)

At a closed-door meeting, the world’s most noted innovators, AI experts and government leaders discussed the future of artificial intelligence, concluding that the next step for this technology is to augment humans.

The concept of augmenting humans is often visualized as micro-chipping them with “sci-fi brain implants” but the roundtable suggested that the new technology be first employed to accelerate routine, mundane activities for the benefit of humanity, writes Futurism.

For now, the experts urged the governments to take stock of their AI journey and gauge where they lag and how they can catch up with those who are ahead. Instead of building machines that mimic humans’ thought process, AI best application lies in complementing human endeavors, notes Quartz.