Water “Refill” drive turns the tide on plastic wastage

Feb 12, 2018, 11:46 AM EST
(Source: faungg's photos/flickr)
(Source: faungg's photos/flickr)

The British consumers use 38.5 million plastic bottles every day, with most of them coursing through water bodies, clogging streams and threatening marine ecosystem. An ambitious campaign, called “Refill,” is uniting businesses across the country to set up water refilling stations, encouraging people to give up plastic bottles.

The idea kickstarted when an organization, called City to Sea, teamed up with local businesses to refill “free potable water” in reusable bottles, to allay the preconceived notion that refilling is inconvenient, notes Green Matters.

The industry group Water U.K. is the latest to join the initiative with the goal to create a cultural context for water refills around the country, writes Associations Now.