How AI is transforming the fintech advertising

Feb 09, 2018, 6:52 AM EST
(Source: jumino carlo/flickr)
(Source: jumino carlo/flickr)

Millennials, a dominant force in the consumer market, value transparency, convenience, and personalization, and these traits are prompting fintech institutions to mold their setups from traditional with advanced automation and AI technologies.

After deploying mobile apps as part of their digitations efforts, fintech companies are now replacing human financial advisors with robo-advisors that rely on AI, machine learning and big data to pinpoint investment opportunities for the customers, writes Forbes.

Grifin, a fintech startup that emerged this year, is an example how companies are tapping the millennial mindset. The company’s app takes into account a user’s unique interests and preferences using machine learning and suggests a customized stock portfolio that automatically adapts to the customer’s changing lifestyle.