Facebook works on chatbots with “consistent personality”

Feb 03, 2018, 3:25 AM EST
(Source: Pascal Paukner/flickr)
(Source: Pascal Paukner/flickr)

A dialogue with chatbots exposes what all they’ve got – stock phrases and callous ignorance. Now, Facebook is working on a project that seeks to develop a “consistent personality” in bots in addition to making their responses more organic and contextual.

Instead of conventional approach that loads up the bots with preprogrammed questions and answers, the researchers are training them to look for patterns in large datasets, writes The Verge. This new method makes bots more fluent and consistent in conversation.

It’s a long way still for bots to pass a Turing test, but with the ability to respond in an engaging manner, they could be on the course to becoming a better humanized version of self, reports Engadget.

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