Ever wondered flying drone with your facial expressions?

Feb 02, 2018, 7:12 AM EST
(Source: Christopher Michel/flickr)
(Source: Christopher Michel/flickr)

As part of a project, entitled Ready-Aim-Fly, the roboticists at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University are exploring the ways to harness the advances in image recognition technology and control drones with non-verbal commands and facial expressions.

The system works in three stages- in the “Ready” phase the drone learns about the user’s face; in the “Aim” phase, the drone gears up for a flight by picking up a “trigger” facial expression and in the “Fly” stage, the drone shoots off to a programmed trajectory, writes Digital Trends.

Apparently, the idea of controlling drones with facial expressions seems “absurd” but researchers insist it may facilitate a more natural interaction between man, robots and AI, notes Hackster.io.