AI and killer viruses are unlikely foes to superbugs

Feb 01, 2018, 6:44 AM EST
(Source: Peter Handke/flickr)
(Source: Peter Handke/flickr)

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been identified as one of the biggest threats to healthcare in near future. Now, several biotechnology startups are combining killer viruses, called phages, with advances in DNA sequencing and artificial intelligence to find a potent remedy to the challenge.

The phage therapy, however, remains a complex treatment given that the right phages must be matched to particular bacteria, a process that’s tedious and time consuming, writes Futurism. That’s where AI kicks in with its power to quickly cull through massive amounts of genetic data.

Startup, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, is already employing AI to automate the phage treatment and personalize it for individual patients, notes MIT Technology Review.