Horizontes: David Catá is sewing memoires into his skin

Jan 27, 2018, 12:22 PM EST
(Source: http://davidcata.com/)
(Source: http://davidcata.com/)

A tired lover, the ocean, a snowy mountain and more; artist David Catá is narrating a tale of memories on an unusual canvas – his palm skin – on which he literally sews these figures, reflecting an intimate bond with the protagonists of his artwork.

The new journal of memories, entitled Horizontes, isn’t David’s first attempt at etching art pieces on his skin, notes Design Boom.  The artist has previously sewn the portrait of his family into the palm of his hands.

As part of his 2014 project “Winged Roots,” David also created skin-pockets on his hands using them as plant pods, writes Mail Online.