Mushroom deals a double blow to pollution menace

Jan 26, 2018, 7:45 AM EST
(Source: Daniela/flickr)
(Source: Daniela/flickr)

Think of packaging and unfortunately, you’ll conjure up images of plastic and only plastic. As landfill sites saturate with this polluting mess, researchers are busy scouting eco-friendly and practical replacements to plastic, and it seems humble mushrooms shine as new ray of hope.

A company, called Ecovative, is blending mushrooms with agricultural waste to develop packaging that exhibits all the virtues of its plastic counterpart sans its polluting nature, notes Green Matters. This packaging is durable and at the same time takes just a month to completely degrade when disposed in right conditions.

Separately, a Denmark-based company, Novozyme, offers mushroom enzymes that are powerful cleansing agent for fabric, an attribute that not only appeals to detergent makers but also keeps people away from energy-intensive warm-water washing in machines, notes Mother Nature Network.