Robinhood: The app for zero-fee crypto trading

Jan 26, 2018, 7:02 AM EST
(Source: BTC Keychain/flickr)
(Source: BTC Keychain/flickr)

As more and more money courses into cryptocurrency market, a stock trading app, Robinhood, is set to facilitate buying and selling of Bitcoin and Ethereum for zero transaction fee, a move that will draw in potential traders and push faster cryptocurrency adoption.

The free of cost trading model from Robinhood fits with the intended nature of blockchain, the technology that stands out for its “middlemen-free” functioning, notes Futurism.

Letting users trade cryptocurrencies without a fee could swell up the platform’s user base to over 3 billion, writes Tech Crunch. Also, the listing of cryptocurrencies along with traditional stocks would further legitimize the virtual currency craze.