Belgian police use AI tech to catch hold of criminals

Jan 22, 2018, 7:22 AM EST
(Source: olarte.ollie/flickr)
(Source: olarte.ollie/flickr)

An Artificial Intelligence system, once used to prepare astronauts for space explorations, now serves Belgian police, who are employing integrating approaches to machine learning to scan crime files in search of leads and for crime scene recreation.

Law enforcement agencies have warmed up to the idea of “AI detectives” given the technology’s potential to reduce ground operations and related costs while also lowering risks to human personnel, writes Futurism.

Last year, U.K. police trialed an AI system, called VALCRI, which sifts through millions of police records, interviews, pictures, videos and more, to establish connections and potential motives in a single click, a process that would take a crime analyst several days of toiling,  notes New Scientist.