China to extend green cover by planting 16.3m acres of forest

Jan 19, 2018, 2:28 PM EST
(Source: sunriseOdyssey/flickr)
(Source: sunriseOdyssey/flickr)

China is giving up its “passive duck” approach to tolerating ominous levels of pollution by launching an ambitious campaign that will see the country planting 16.3 million acres of forest in 2018.

China, which currently has 21.7 percent of its landmass covered in greenery, seeks to raise that figure to 23 percent by 2020, an initiative that would line it up with the world leaders in environmental protection, notes Curbed.

China has invested about 538 billion yuan ($82.88 billion) in planting trees over the last five years in addition to implementing schemes that rein in “irrational development” and construction near rivers, forests and national parks, writes Tree Hugger