“Nomadic Homes” chases the spontaneity of mobile shelters

Jan 19, 2018, 1:56 PM EST
(Source: Bea Serendipity/flickr)
(Source: Bea Serendipity/flickr)

“Nomadic Homes,” a TASCHEN publication, portrays a gripping depiction of five types of mobile shelters from across the world, chasing the spontaneity and minimalism embodied in this form of dwellings.

The book encapsulates various facets of the mobile architecture movement treating the readers with a visual feast as they walk into minimal living ‘pods,’ serene floating dwellings, airstreams on the go, refugee housings and many more abodes, notes Design Boom.

Each photograph is accompanied by a profile of its concept, designer, and inhabitants, providing a complete view of the dwelling along with its practical and social relevance, reports TASCHEN.