French startup rolls out hydrogen-run bicycles

Jan 18, 2018, 7:00 AM EST

Pragma Industries, based in Biarritz, France, has become the first company to launch hydrogen-powered bicycles for use in corporate and municipal setup. The bikes, priced at 7,500 euros per unit, boast of a 100 km (62 miles) range on a two-liter tank of hydrogen, while taking significantly less time in charging compared to e-bikes.

While admitting that the Alpha bike is too expensive for consumer market, the company seeks to cut the costs to 5,000 euros as it forays into the retail segment within next two to three years, writes Reuters.

The company, which will ship a few units to Norway, the United States, Spain, Italy and Germany, is also working on a bicycle that would convert water into fuel and won’t need a charging station, notes Inhabitat.