Three things that will push evolutionary leap in robots

Jan 17, 2018, 6:35 AM EST
(Source: Adam/flickr)
(Source: Adam/flickr)

For all the advancement robots have displayed through their course of existence, they are still a far cry from being an ideal home companion. A look around at the CES 2018 tech show in Las Vegas exposes the lack of versatility in modern droids, which are programmed only for niche jobs, a limitation that startup Misty Robotics seeks to address.

Ian Bernstein, the founder of Misty Robotics, talks of three “things” that robots need for an evolutionary leap, writes The Wall Street Journal. Precise understanding of their environment, an ability to perceive and interact with everything around them and a constant stream of innovation from software and hardware developers – is what robots need.

Bernstein’s startup is on the mission to transform “gimmicky robots” into “equivalents of the iPhone or Android ecosystem,” packed with sensors, arms and legs, and other hardware to handle everything thrown at them at homes.