NASA “speed breeding” tech trebles wheat yield

Jan 09, 2018, 12:30 PM EST
(Source: Nupur Dasgupta/flickr)
(Source: Nupur Dasgupta/flickr)

Heat-resistant cows, vertical farms and lab-grown hamburgers – these are evidence of researchers’ desperate attempts at preparing the future sources of food as human population bursts to an extra two billion by 2050.

Another addition to this stream of innovation is a NASA-inspired “speed breeding” program, which uses a set of carefully arranged LED lighting system to dramatically speed up the growth of crops in a glasshouse, a technique that not only boosts yields but provides healthy plants, notes New Atlas.

Since the technique delivers six full growth cycles of wheat in a year compared to just one in open fields, it could be a game-changer if the world has to meet food demands of its population in 2050, writes ABC News.