Snake-spotting AI seeks public help to do its job

Jan 04, 2018, 6:40 AM EST
(Source: Ted/flickr)
(Source: Ted/flickr)

A snake-spotting AI bot, named Fitch, is soliciting photos of herptiles to learn how to identify these deadly creatures, and eventually prevent humans from killing them for lack of awareness.

A team of IT professionals, biologists and herpetologists have launched “What the Herp” website, where users can create personal accounts and upload their images of snakes, notes Digital Trends.

Users can also draw boxes around the reptiles or amphibians appearing in photos, which is a mammoth task given there are thousands of images to annotate, writes The Verge. Eventually, as Fitch learns to ID snakes, it will be ready as an identification app and would dissuade people from killing a creature if it’s not a threat.