Tiny “Biohybrid robots” used in cancer treatment

Dec 29, 2017, 6:39 AM EST
Biohybrid robots are made from algae.
(Source: Alex Quinn/flickr)

After developing enzyme-powered nanobots that steer their way into the corners of your body, researchers hit a major breakthrough as they devised “biohybrid robots” from algae, which are useful in precision drug delivery in cancer treatment.

Biohybrid robots are made up of biological cells infused with engineered materials to impart them with specific capabilities, in this case, targeted release of drugs, notes Fanatical Futurist.

The approach focuses on engineering available natural materials instead of employing complex laboratory procedures to create special purpose robots. These hybrid robots can glide into hard-to-reach parts of the body and completely degrade after their function, writes Mail Online