A three-day work week isn’t far-fetched with AI

Dec 29, 2017, 6:27 AM EST
(Source: ThoroughlyReviewed/flickr)
(Source: ThoroughlyReviewed/flickr)

Monotonous tasks for five days a week or perhaps six is physically and mentally draining for professionals, a sorry state that may change for good as artificial intelligence penetrates in office infrastructures at scale.

Contrary to the speculations that AI is hurting job industry the technology could actually be valuable in handling transactional activities more efficiently, thus saving significant time for the staff, notes Livemint.

Besides the possibility of a three-day work week, what’s more exciting about AI is its social impact. For example, with search engines dishing out translations in local languages, even the most marginalized, illiterate sections would have the chance to be a part of the mainstream.