2017: A year that saw AI ruling all human games

Dec 28, 2017, 6:26 AM EST
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)

At the fag-end of 2017, as we take stock of the technology achievements and misfires, the year can safely be remembered as one which saw artificial intelligence mastering a bunch of human games, beating its creators to their joy.

May 2017 witnessed a clash between Google’s AI AlphaGo “Master” and Ke Jie, the world’s highest ranked Go player, a three-game showdown that was completely dominated by the machine, writes Tech Crunch.

The next big feat was when AI displayed its ability to bluff and recognize when it’s being bluffed in Poker game, notes New Atlas. DeepStack’s AI system proved that “intuition” isn’t a monopoly of humans anymore, as it pipped Poker champions at will.