“Slaughterbots” reveals dark side of killer drones

Dec 25, 2017, 7:02 AM EST
(Source: Jason Cipriani/flickr)
(Source: Jason Cipriani/flickr)

A creepy short video released by the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots” deepened the worries of an already rattled community of experts, who have been warning against the havoc that AI-controlled autonomous weapons can spell on humanity.

The video, entitled “Slaughterbots,” shows how AI-powered fleets of drones can fall into wrong hands and strike passive victims with unrivaled precision, a depiction which isn’t a mere figment of imagination but very close to being a possibility, writes Science Alert.

The organization warns that the destructive capabilities of autonomous weapons must be recognized and has urged the United Nations to ban the application of artificial intelligence in this field, notes NY Daily News.