New superconducting magnet shatters world record

Dec 23, 2017, 5:12 AM EST
(Source: DFSB DE/flickr)
(Source: DFSB DE/flickr)

In one of the biggest improvements in magnet technology in the last 40 years, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (National MagLab) has developed the world’s most powerful superconducting magnet, which is expected to bolster research in diverse fields including physics, chemistry, biology, and quantum matter.

The ultra-powerful magnet creates a magnetic field of 32 teslas, leaving behind the previous record-holder by a margin of about 33 percent, writes Futurism.

The makers now eye the 100 tesla mark, which they believe is absolutely possible and could revolutionize medical and other equipment where superconducting magnets play a critical role, notes Outer Places