Chinese ban on foreign waste to foster AI in U.S.

Dec 20, 2017, 6:41 AM EST
(Source: Judith Doyle/flickr)
(Source: Judith Doyle/flickr)

China, a major market for recycled materials, sent shockwaves across the world in July when it banned the import of certain “foreign waste” but the move may accelerate the spread of artificial intelligence in the U.S. as the country plans to rope in recycling robots to streamline its waste management chain.

Compared to a human worker that can pick nearly 30 pieces of recyclable materials per minute, an AI-powered bot can sort 80 items and that too, without any errors, writes Futurism.

While inducting AI-powered recycling robots could drive up the costs, American companies might find it the only way to meet the tightened waste import standards laid down by China.