U.N. to hold an emergency session over Jerusalem

Dec 19, 2017, 6:05 AM EST
(Source: israeltourism/flickr)
(Source: israeltourism/flickr)

The U.N. General Assembly will soon hold an emergency meeting following a request by a bloc of Arab nations, Turkey and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which seeks to push a resolution to nullify America’s decision that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Earlier, the U.S. vetoed a Security Council resolution aimed at rejecting its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, prompting the Palestinians and their allies to take the matter to the General Assembly, writes Al Jazeera.

The Palestinians seek that the emergency session be held in accordance with the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, which states that the General Assembly can exercise take a matter into its own hands if the Security Council fails in its primary responsibility to maintain international peace, notes Middle East Eye.