Photosynthesis powers this off-grid Living Light

Nov 30, 2017, 1:32 AM EST
(Source: Alex Holyoake/flickr)
(Source: Alex Holyoake/flickr)

A future where street lights, connected to forests, drawing their power from trees isn’t a figment of imagination anymore. Dutch designer Ermi van Oers has created an off-grid Living Light that harnesses microbial energy from living plants to produce its own electricity and light up the ambience.

The chemical energy released by the plant during photosynthesis is converted to electric energy by microorganisms in the lamp, a model that could replace the conventional grids with more sustainable microbial energy system, notes Dezeen

Van Oers and team are scaling up the system to amplify the energy output so that one day the technology could be employed to transform forests into power plants for smart cities, writes Inhabitat