Police evicting refugees from Manus Island asylum camp

Nov 23, 2017, 5:26 AM EST
(Source: Greens MPs/flickr)
(Source: Greens MPs/flickr)

Police in Papua New Guinea (PNG) launched an operation on Thursday to force out hundreds of refugees who have refused to leave a former Australian-run detention center on the Manus Island.

Earlier in October, a court in PNG ordered the lockdown of the facility, ruling that holding asylum seekers in detention centers was unconstitutional, writes the BBC. The aggressive action doesn’t guarantee the end of the standoff, as similar measures like blocking food and water supplies have ended up a futile attempt over the last three weeks.

Australia, which has drawn global flak for its contentious refugee policy, urged the asylum seekers to move to transit centers when it shut down the Manus Island facility, notes The Guardian