Two schoolgirls in India create electricity from drainage water

Nov 08, 2017, 6:53 AM EST
(Source: NikonFilm35/flickr)
(Source: NikonFilm35/flickr)

Age is no hurdle to innovative minds as long as knowledge finds the right space or “drainage” to bud. Two schoolgirls in Puducherry, a union territory in southern India, are a fine example of this.

T. Mithra, and K. Sharani Priya, students of class 5, from Government Primary School in a Puducherry village, have found a way to generate electricity from drainage water and have devised a micro power generator for the process, notes The Better India.

The girls, driven by the idea that “nothing is a waste if we find a way to make it useful,” are exalted over generating 8Volts to 9Volts of power from this system, which can run their cell phones, LED lights and radio sets, writes India Today