“Vocktail” tricks mind to mistake water for wine

Nov 08, 2017, 6:19 AM EST
(Source: Adrian Scottow/flickr)
(Source: Adrian Scottow/flickr)

Virtual reality is seeping into your drinks with a new tempting and tricky gimmick. Scientists have developed virtual cocktail glasses, called the Vocktail, which make subtle use of LED lights, electrodes and odor to trick you into believing that the water in your glass is wine.

The Vocktail, developed by researchers from the National University of Singapore, first befools the sense of sight by changing the color of the drink with LED lights followed by stimulating the taste buds through electrodes sitting on the rim, notes The Times. Finally, a tube releases odors to enhance the deception.

The idea of Vocktail is appealing as it can be a part of social experiences in virtual pubs or bars and can feast taste buds without any real intake of sugary content, writes New Scientist.