Hungry snails: The unsung heroes of the climate war

Nov 02, 2017, 7:39 AM EDT
(Source: HollyRamona/flickr)
(Source: HollyRamona/flickr)

Small snail-like creatures known as limpets may not be famed warriors in the war against climate change but their ecological service by means of consumption is more than helpful in safeguarding an ecosystem and resisting rising temperatures.

A new study by zoologist Rebecca Kordas hails the appetite of these herbivorous creatures, which creates more room for other organisms making the marine ecosystem more diverse and resilient to environmental pressures, notes Inhabitat.

Kordas’ study emphasizes more on preserving consumers, herbivores and predators, which is crucial if the ecosystems have to survive the onslaught of climate change and global warming, writes Popular Science