Dutch Design Week shows sustainable foods of future

Oct 27, 2017, 7:03 AM EDT
(Source: http://www.ddw.nl)
(Source: http://www.ddw.nl)

The alarming pace at which our we are exhausting our natural resources could transform the future of food – the notion forms the theme of an exhibition, entitled “embassy,” at Ketelhuisplein, one of the main exhibition sites at Dutch Design Week.

Curator Marije Vogelzang, a designer who heads the food design department at Design Academy Eindhoven, showcases 10 sustainable foods of the future while exploring the impact of depleting resources and new technologies on our farming systems, notes Dezeen.

The theme of the exhibition resonates with Good Design for a Bad World, a Dezeen initiative that seeks to solve world’s major problems through designs, including food-design concepts.