Google on track to run on 100% green power by 2018

Oct 23, 2017, 7:31 AM EDT
(Source: William Murphy/flickr)
(Source: William Murphy/flickr)

Internet giant Google is set to have all its data centers and offices powered entirely by renewable energy by 2018, a rapid shift that may prompt corporate peers to adopt a similar path and cut reliance on fossil fuels.

Google, which consumed almost the same amount of energy as the city of San Francisco in 2015, sources a major fraction of its renewable energy from outside providers but the company is acquiring wind farms, like the one in Norway, to meet reach its sustainability goals, notes Inhabitat.

In addition to upgrading its own infrastructure, Google is leveraging technology to help businesses and consumers go green, writes Green Matters. For example, project Sunroof monitors nearly 43 million U.S. rooftops in 42 states, informing homeowners interested in solar panels.