Taiwan tourism factories fuse culture & business

Sep 28, 2017, 6:18 AM EDT
(Source: Lian Chang/flickr)
(Source: Lian Chang/flickr)

Taiwan, a country renowned for its manufacturing might, found its factories and businesses panting amid stiff competition from China and other Asian countries in the 1990s. At the point, an innovative concept of adding working factories with tourism components such as museum exhibits, souvenir stores, and DIY workshops, worked magic.

Today, Taiwan runs more than 100 certified “Tourism factories,” where visitors are greeted with a sparkling welcome, educated on manufacturing processes and encouraged to participate in DIY classes to create their bring-home souvenirs, notes Smithsonian.com.

Mixing tourism with economic industries has infused a second life into Taiwan’s shaky factories while presenting unique facets of the country’s culture through innovative tourism attractions.