Ingenious zero-power AC has artistic, earthen flair

Sep 20, 2017, 5:56 AM EDT
(Source: Ant Studio)
(Source: Ant Studio)

New Delhi-based Ant Studio has developed an ingenious zero-electricity air conditioner that taps the power of evaporative cooling to keep room temperatures within bearable levels during summers when Indian weather spits fire with mercury hitting 50 degree Celsius in some parts.

The system, fashioned from conical clay tubes packed in a honeycomb structure, naturally cools down the surroundings as water, running through its surface, evaporates gradually, writes Inhabitat.  

The installation, which has an aesthetic appeal because of the waterfall effect it creates, can reduce temperatures from 50 degree Celsius to about 36 degree Celsius, providing a big reprieve to households with too meager financial resources to afford a conventional AC, notes Truth Theory.

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