Plastic-guzzling fungus unearthed at landfill site

Sep 19, 2017, 6:19 AM EDT
(Source: Kevin Krejci/flickr)
(Source: Kevin Krejci/flickr)

The deluge of plastics overtaking our landfill sites and mighty oceans already seems ominous, and the humanity ought to find innovative ways to wean off this waste. A new discovery by a group of researchers in Pakistan might just blow a new lease of life in global efforts to cut down plastic trash.

Scientists have unearthed a fungus, called Aspergillus tubingensis, which thrives on plastic surface and releases compounds that break down the polymer rapidly and naturally, notes Inhabitat.

Researchers are yet to chalk out a model for tapping the microbe’s plastic-guzzling capabilities, writes IFL Science. The study also shows how humans are unwittingly creating new environments that serve as hotbeds for microbial evolution, sound alarms bells for the future.