Smart glasses help blind people 'borrow eyesight'

Sep 05, 2017, 5:48 AM EDT
(Source: torbakhopper/flickr)
(Source: torbakhopper/flickr)

A California startup uses “tricked-out Google Glasses” letting blind people momentarily “borrow the eyesight” of remote “agents,” a service that is gaining traction and already has 400 paying subscribers.

The model is simple: the camera-enabled headset, called Aira, beams the user’s field of vision to a person, who describes the environment through smartphone-connected earbuds for navigation, writes The Week.

In future, the company plans to automate the process by replacing the human agents with systems powered by artificial intelligence, notes Wired. This computer vision technology could vastly improve the lives of visually-impaired people by feeding them with all information required to navigate their surroundings.

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