Glitch fashion: A look on how digital infiltrates art

Aug 30, 2017, 3:52 AM EDT
Aesthetics out of errors in software or hardware have been inspiring artists and designers.
(Source: Poster Boy/flickr)

The fusion of digital glitch art, which is the aesthetics out of errors in software or hardware, with traditional textiles has given rise to an entirely new form of fashion in the 21st century. Quite a few artists and designers are exploring the impact of digital technology’s impact on the art world as they experiment with the so-called "aesthetic of failure."

Artist Jeff Donaldson, better known as Glitchaus, has a dedicated range, called “malwear,” which draws inspiration from classic malware to roll out knitted scarves and rugs, writes New Atlas.

Similarly, the “Fragmented Memory” design by Phillip Stearns extracts bits and pieces from photography, data visualization, textile design, and computer science to portray the invisible processes of a computer’s physical memory in an aesthetic, visible form, notes Textiel Lab.