Zipline blood delivery by drone heads to Tanzania

Aug 29, 2017, 8:32 AM EDT
(Source: World Bank Photo Collection/flickr)
(Source: World Bank Photo Collection/flickr)

Zipline’s blood delivery drones proved a godsend in the remote regions of Rwanda, where people have suffered fatal losses for years due to lack of access to critical healthcare supplies. A similar turnaround is on cards for Tanzania as the company plans to launch its drone delivery services in the country by early next year.

Zipline co-founder and chief executive Keller Rinaudo informed that the company would set up four distribution centers in Tanzania and has already raised more than $35 million funding for the project, writes The Verge.

The impact of blood delivery by drone could be estimated by the fact that Zipline has carried out about 1,400 deliveries with about 25 percent of them in emergencies, saving thousands of lives threatened in far-off corners, sometimes in harsh weather conditions, notes Wired.

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