Tesla’s Powerwall facing greener, low-cost rivals

Aug 28, 2017, 8:47 AM EDT
(Source: Pasco Olivier/flickr)
(Source: Pasco Olivier/flickr)

Tesla’s Powerwall, the energy storage battery for households, is getting tough competition from humble DIY peers, which are essentially much cheaper versions developed by alternative energy enthusiasts using recycled laptop batteries.

The makers are not only creating these home energy storage units but also sharing prototypes over the internet, enabling others to build their own designs, writes Inhabitat.

Jehu Garcia, one of the pioneers in DIY Powerwall building, says, “It's the future. It's clean, simple, efficient and powerful," notes Motherboard. Interestingly, the systems developed by hobbyists boast of energy storage capacity far more than the Tesla Powerwall.

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