Tech startups using VR to preserve Myanmar’s past

Aug 25, 2017, 5:57 AM EDT
(Source: Beryl_snw/flickr)
(Source: Beryl_snw/flickr)

Hamstrung by decades of military rule, Myanmar found itself miserably lagging behind the world when it stepped into democracy in 2011. However, the country’s leapfrog from analog to digital technology serves as thriving hotbed for technology startups that are presenting innovative ways to swiftly bring the isolated into the mainstream.

Hla Hla Win's virtual reality social enterprise 360ed, for instance, uses drone networks to map ancient sites in Myanmar, enabling tourists to explore the dilapidated structures through virtual reality goggles, writes Seeker.

Similarly, the Phandeeyar incubator works with other tech startups that are employing VR technology to break down barriers in Myanmar’s “woefully underfunded” education system, notes Tribune.