New refrigerator camera puts lid on food wastage

Aug 18, 2017, 5:34 AM EDT
(Source: John Lodder/flickr)
(Source: John Lodder/flickr)

Forgotten bags of veggies rotting in refrigerators, is not an unusual sight at many British homes, where nearly 40 percent of the salad ends up in trash bins. A new refrigerator camera, called FridgeCam, seeks to curb this wastage with its ability to keep the users updated about expiration dates of stored food items.

London-based company Smarter says FridgeCam, which links to a smartphone app, upgrades any ordinary refrigerator into its smarter version and even suggests recipes to help people cut short stored stocks, writes Inhabitat.

What’s more appealing is that FridgeCam learns itself over time as it comes across varying data in a shared consumer database, notes The Guardian.

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