First mind-guided VR game makes “hands-free” strides

Aug 10, 2017, 6:25 AM EDT
(Source: Fondazione Santa Lucia/flickr)
(Source: Fondazione Santa Lucia/flickr)

Boston-based startup Neurable has unveiled the world’s first mind-controlled virtual reality game that lets the user interact with VR environment with just their brainwaves, thus opening a window to the age of hands-free gaming.

The technology promises two-fold benefits as it does away with the complex learning part involved in VR set up given that you carry out actions only by thinking and secondly, simplifies input that’s otherwise difficult, notes Engadget.

Neurable develops Brain-Computer Interface software, and this game has been developed in collaboration with the Madrid-based VR graphics company estudiofuture, just to showcase the potential applications of the technology, writes Spectrum.