New AI-powered robot is double-quick at recycling

Jul 25, 2017, 8:56 AM EDT
(Source: Mr.TinDC/flickr)
(Source: Mr.TinDC/flickr)

A potpourri of wastes makes it a real challenge for humans to identify what to throw and what to recycle and reuse. Clarke, a new AI-powered robot, could simplify this job, with its incredible capability to spot and sort recyclable items in a heap of trash.

Clarke, which learns and gets smarter after each working day, sorts recyclable waste almost 50 percent faster than a human worker, thus reducing the segregation costs, reports Digital Trends.

AMP Robotics, the company that developed Clarke, plans to upgrade the algorithm’s specificity, which will enable the robot to sort plastics based on textures, sizes, and even container types, notes India Times.