Unique audio data could spell end of paper tickets

Jul 06, 2017, 6:58 AM EDT
(Source: half alive - soo zzzz/flickr)
(Source: half alive - soo zzzz/flickr)

Ticketmaster has come up with a new ticketing technology that uses silent ultrasonic sounds emitted by phones to track who is passing through the gates at a venue. The system, called Presence, could spell an end to paper tickets, long queues at entry points and also tackle touts selling tickets at inflated prices.

The users are required to download an app and open it at the venue. The receivers installed at the site pick up unique signals from the user’s phone and authenticate the identity of the person by matching it with the venue’s database, notes The Telegraph.

The technology has already been in use in Jaguar Land Rover, which uses the system to identify specific drivers and customize car interiors based on individual preferences, writes Engadget.