World’s first smart street makes debut in London

Jul 04, 2017, 6:30 AM EDT
(Source: Santosh Puthran/flickr)
(Source: Santosh Puthran/flickr)

An innovative concept by the New West End Company has turned Bird Street, an alleyway in London, into an energy-harvesting site that converts the mechanical energy from the visitors’ footsteps into electricity for powering lights and sound systems in the area.

The company has installed a 107-square-foot array, loaded with sensors that sync with a smartphone app and let shoppers view the amount of power produced by their footsteps and bag rewards in the form of discounts, vouchers and clean electricity, writes Inhabitat.

Based on ground-breaking PaveGen technology, the system is not a replacement for solar or wind power but an interesting off grid solution owing to its engaging nature, notes Evening Standard.