Solar-activated canopies interact with light & heat

Jul 03, 2017, 8:36 AM EDT
(Source: chewy travels/flickr)
(Source: chewy travels/flickr)

In its quest to dig deep into how the responsive architecture of the future may shape up, New York-based Jenny Sabin Studio has developed “an immersive and interactive” installation, called Lumen, using solar-active yarns that respond to light, heat and movement showcasing a range of engaging environments through the day.

The outdoor installation on view at a contemporary art museum, MoMA PS1, explores an intriguing question – “Can architecture behave like a self-regulating organism?” writes Tree Hugger.

The artwork, adapting to physical and social stimulus around it, results from a confluence of several insights and theories from biology, materials science, mathematics and engineering, notes Inhabitat.