Aquaponic kit to produce your own zero-mile food

Jun 30, 2017, 8:57 AM EDT
(Source: Kanu Hawaii/flickr)
(Source: Kanu Hawaii/flickr)

A Spanish startup, called Aquapioneers, has launched the world’s first open source aquaponics kit that lets urban dwellers grow their own organic food on their rooftops or in their homes, promoting a culture of urban farming.

The aquaponic ecosystem works on a symbiotic relationship between plants and aquatic organisms where flora utilizes animal waste as nutrients for its growth and in turn, purifies water for consumption by fauna, notes Ulule.

The system could radically cut down carbon-intensive shipping and limit our environmental footprints as the aquaponics plan can be downloaded locally and printed locally with a CNC router at a Maker Space or Fab Lab, writes Tree Hugger.