Multidirectional elevators reimagine city landscape

Jun 28, 2017, 7:28 AM EDT
(Source: systemsensor1000t/flickr)
(Source: systemsensor1000t/flickr)

More than 160 years after the traditional cable-dependent elevator design was invented, a German engineering conglomerate, ThyssenKrupp, has come up with a “game-changing” innovation to transform the way people move, work and live in built environment.

The company has launched a maglev elevator, called the Multi system, capable of moving multiple cars vertically and horizontally in a single shaft, a design that will not only curtail waiting time for passengers but opens up entirely new possibilities for architects, writes New Atlas.

The Multi, built and trialed in a £43 million tower in Rottweil, 100 kilometers south-east of Stuttgart, Germany, is the world’s first ropeless lift, which its creators believe, could revolutionize the shape of cities, notes Wired.