Tainted Brazilian president charged with taking bribe

Jun 27, 2017, 7:33 AM EDT
Brazil's President Michel Temer
(Source: PMDB Nacional/flickr)

In a grim reminder of the political instability that loomed over Brazil just over a year ago, President Michel Temer has been charged with taking multimillion-dollar bribes from a giant meatpacking firm embroiled in a graft scandal.

The development came after the emergence of an audio in which, Temer could be heard discussing bribes with the chairman of meatpacking company JBS, notes the BBC. The Supreme Court would decide if the case should be forwarded to the lower house of parliament for voting.

Temer, whose popularity has undergone sharp erosion within a year in the office, is confident that he has the numbers to block the two-thirds majority required to initiate a trial against him, writes The Guardian.