EU summit: Leaders gather to mull Brexit and security

Jun 22, 2017, 6:38 AM EDT
(Source: Thijs ter Haar/flickr)
(Source: Thijs ter Haar/flickr)

European Union leaders have gathered to attend a two-day summit in Brussels where the issues of Brexit and terrorism are likely to dominate the agenda. The summit comes on the heels of a foiled bomb attack at the Belgian capital's main railway station.            

Buoyed by recent electoral wins for pro-E.U. parties, including that in France, European Council President Donald Tusk cheered the “resurgence of the E.U.” in the invitation letter to the member states, writes USA Today.

British Prime Minister, fresh from a political debacle, is likely to address the residency for E.U. nationals and employment rights later on Thursday, notes the BBC.