Smart office desk to save from sedentary routine

Jun 19, 2017, 7:43 AM EDT
(Source: K2 Space/flickr
(Source: K2 Space/flickr

The U.S. furniture brand Herman Miller, in collaboration with designer Yves Behar, wants the urban office workers to ditch their sedentary routine at workstations. The company has unveiled a range of intelligent, connected office furniture, called Live OS, which reminds the users that they have been sitting for too long and should stand up for a break.

The desks and chairs, with embedded sensors that relay data to cloud system, send gentle nudges through vibrations or a small light module, reminding the employee to relax with a different posture, writes Dezeen.

This is an innovation that not only promotes healthier desk habits but also lets the employers gather data to improve the efficiency of office space, notes Chicago Tribune.